Aug 17, 2011

Welcome to Brazil!

Brazil is a paradise. It has over three thousand kilometers of exuberant tropical beaches, beautiful landscapes and a very pleasant weather. It offers some of the greatest outdoor experiences with one of the world's richest wildlife diversity. All that wrapped up in one of the world's cheapest tourist hot-spots.

Furthermore, Brazilians are among the most hospitable people. Every foreigner is very well treated, everyone stops to help any non-Hispanic tourist in the street. Hispanics don't attract much attention, because Brazilians hate argentines, but cannot tell them apart from any other Spanish-speaking people.

One of the most important tourist attraction in the country is prostitution. Here you can find such service to satisfy any perverted cravings. The typical treats are the ‘mulata’ (black women) and children of all ages and genders. If it pleases the foreign tourist, and if he can afford it, he can even molest babies – rape, maim and murder whomever you wish! As long as you hire the right people, especially those with the right connections in government, you don't even get fined for littering after you're done.

At this point, the eager client must be thinking "this can't be right, for so much fun there must be a catch", but apart from going to hell, there isn't any! Nobody get's arrested, you don't wake up to see your face in any newspaper or any such inconveniences. Actually, these kind of things never show up in any newspaper, because it's such a profitable business, no government official would allow any news company to ruin such a goldmine – moneywise I mean.

The best time for the foreign tourist to come visit the country, for sexual tourism, is in the week of Carnaval. Although every single movie that is filmed in Brazil has a carnival, it really only happens one week per year. Carnaval, by the way, used to be a religious festival throughout the catholic world, but in this supposedly catholic country, carnival is really a good time to worship the anti-Christ, since it really resembles a typical day in Gomorra.

Brazil has a tendency to idolize a single character for every great thing. For example the architect that revived prehistoric buildings design, inspired by the pyramids and the Minotaur's dungeons - Oscar Niemeyer - is considered a God here. In the same manner, a midget pimp called 'Joãozinho 30' (Johnnie 30) is the man responsible for transforming the Carnaval into the world's biggest whorehouse.

After this great success, Johnnie 30 decided to become a new Christian, in order to get support to go into politics. It is wonderful to see the likely career advances he made step by step in very morally-compatible fields of interest - bum, world-class pimp, new Christian, politician and then back to bum. Everybody loves him, but not as much as all the clandestine joints that he made possible. Thus, when a satisfied client spanks-silly a four-year-old he just raped, he should pay homage to this guy, who made Satan's dreams come true.

Still, do not fear, Brazil's sexual-tourism isn't only restricted to Carnaval. The country has also become the true Mecca for all homosexual gatherings. Every gay movement has been held either in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, including special gay-carnaval setups. While in other countries the locals seem offended by such behavior, after every pro-homosexual event more and more youth find their way in someone else’s asses. Imagine the possibilities the 2014 World Cup holds.

It seems that the barbaric Brazilian tribe is culturally oriented towards homosexualism, since it is not only passing laws that oblige its citizens to welcome fags into their lives, but its government is also handing out pro-homosexual books and propaganda in public elementary schools. The probable reason would be for poor children to better receive the international sexual tourist, there is no other logical explanation.

Instead of any moral-bound group manifesting the atrocity of irreversibly damaging young minds, the media supports this idea, and every soap opera today must have a gay couple, regardless if it has anything to do with the story. The truth is that there are no heterosexual men in this country, none that would find strange that their sons were sleeping over more often with their buddies, with their teachers and with their next door neighbors.

Every time someone gets run over, shot, stabbed, raped, burnt, etc., there is something on the news,  you can tell it's already common saturated stuff - nobody cares anymore. On the other hand, if somebody stated in public to be against the gay propaganda, to feel uncomfortable to witness children being incentivized to take up the cause, the gay cause, he gets immediately crucified as being a Nazi, a 'racist', an imbecile and sick motherfucker.

Although there are laws that suggest this to be a free country, that trick its citizens into believing they have a right to an opinion, not even a congressman is allowed to suggest he'd like his children to be straight. If he does commit this stupidity - speaking his mind - the whole country's press goes after him and he can kiss his career goodbye.

For legal purposes, I must state that I'm being very sarcastic in this one.

I felt urged to write on these matters, because I find both youth prostitution and pro homosexual propaganda oriented to children to be the pinnacle of an immoral society. Children are strictly learners, you cannot expect them to behave like adults, you cannot expose them to sex before they are ever ready for it - I'd suppose not until they're allowed to drink or drive a car - but the immoral government thinks otherwise. Unfortunately, it is up to them and they are proving they think 10-year olds are ready to go and get butt-f_cked.

Did they ask any father if it was right to do so, was there a popular vote? Not at all, some perverted and homosexual government officials made such a terrible, immoral and unwise decision, merely pressured by the gay community. The reason seems obvious – true gays are, by definition, sterile. If they have sterile sex and sterile matrimonies, how can they ever conceive children? Would they truly care for children? Their answer lays in their actions, by exposing these young minds to perverted ideas and behaviors.

I think I should express my clear position about homosexualism, balanced to today's laws. I think it's utterly wrong, but I don’t go about treating them bad, just the same way I don’t spend my time insulting rapists, drug addicts or serial killers. Note that there aren't yet laws that prevent us from offending such fine people as there are for offending homosexuals, although homosexual behavior is just as wrong as the others.

Just what behavior is that? All three are derived from faulty mental and emotional dysfunctions. All of them are based on people trying to be something they aren't, escaping from their reality. All of them are linked to psychological violence – usually self-inflicted. All of them go contrary to basic human moral standards and family values. All of them cause undeniable shame, regardless of what they tell themselves.

Back to my position, I affirm that I would never have any sort of relationship with homosexuals (friendly or otherwise), as I wouldn't with drug addicts. I could care less what our hypocrisy-based societies think of me or my opinion. As long as I don’t harm them or offend them, I believe to be in my moral right, regardless if more homosexuals take up government seats to pass more immoral and censoring laws.

The other day I watched a pathetic interview with a transformer that's become a Brazilian celebrity of late (remember I said Brazilians are all homosexuals? That's also because they get equally aroused by a beautiful woman as would by a produced transvestite). All the time, it kept correcting its interviewer, when he would refer to its surgery as being a sex-change operation, the self-lying transvestite would correct the reporter by saying "sexual adjustment" or “spiritual adjustment” (lol), but leaving no possibility for its true term. Either you accept their own language and excuses to what they justify their fantasy world, or you're considered “male chauvinistic pig”!

According to that transvestite, its surgery to remove a useless penis, and transform the fissure into a false-vagina, was a sexual or spiritual adjustment, because it was fitting the body to the soul. What a false and lame story! There is no adjustment! They try hard to make it seem that there is a greater power responsible for their own actions and choices.

The excuse that becoming a fag is related to biology is unacceptable, so is to fate or to some gruesome divine power. They never say the truth, that it’s about their own selfish desires, about their cowardice to accept who and what they are. There is no god of fags, or any biological acceptable reason to become a homosexual. What happens is that homosexuals seek out any excuse to justify their own faults by putting the blame on some greater power.

The first reason I wouldn't have any sort of contact with homosexuals is to avoid getting prosecuted for speaking my mind, which eventually would happen. My opinions aren't what they'd like to hear, but with a lot of wishful thinking, it should be everybody's right to discuss any matter with plausible arguments, with concrete ideas to back them up.

For starters I don't hate anybody. I am not prejudicial for emotional reasons. If I have a minimal prejudice against blacks, Muslims or ETs, based on statistical foundations. Not because it has become illegal to be racist, that I'll take a stranger to my house, into the family I am responsible for protecting.

As a true humanist, I wish this homosexual propaganda to end. It isn't my place to prevent an individual from turning to the dark force. If someone wants to kill himself, I can't do anything about it except offer my help to discuss such idea and try to convince him otherwise - but if he still wants to do it, eventually he will, I couldn't ever stop him. Such is my position towards the homosexual individual, his choice is his own.

But, on a collective humanist view, I am strongly against homosexualism. For humanity's sake, people are becoming too selfish, only living for themselves, rather, only living for their pleasures. The traditional family foundation is about sharing, about finding an inner generosity to share a life with another person, and bringing forth from that more life. As homosexualism stands against the family, I stand against homosexuality.

But still, regarding homosexuality versus humanity, there is reason to believe it may even be a solution for survival. As human population increases, our host planet has lost its natural balance, it’s losing its power to provide food and shelter for everyone. It seems this too fits an agenda of the world government.

I can understand why governments and world press have joined hands to promote this issue. It's clearly the only way to slow down world population growth. The more people turn, less children are born, thus slowing down overpopulation. This lesson comes from China, were its government has tried over almost 50 years to control its population, imposing a limit to one child per couple. For all those years, the result is a 100 to 1 male-female population.

At first this seemed to them a bad thing, since Chinese men risk going about their lives without ever having even a girlfriend. But today, China holds the world's largest homosexual population, and childbirth has virtually come to a halt to one-hundredth of what it would have been.

Just to point out the anti-humanist reason this occurred, I'd like to add that the one-child limitation hides an atrocity. It became common practice, although officially illegal, to murder female newborn babies to have the slot vacant for a boy. It happens that in their culture, retired parents are taken in by their sons, while the spouse's parents must look out for themselves. For self preservation, parents hardly gave up their limit-token for a girl, whom would eventually end up taking care of her husband's parents.

As I said earlier, I can understand the ruling system's investment in a social disease to control population growth, but I still don’t agree with it. As a species, if we cannot survive by maintaining our inherited moral behavior, then I feel we do not deserve to survive. If we cannot save our planet, thus saving ourselves, why bother tricking our society into being saved by a perverse scheme?

Don’t fool yourself that the system hasn't tried other schemes before. How many diseases have appeared that were engineered in a laboratory? Aids and Ebola are considered by many to be two clever products of evil minds, and so are drugs - come on, you don't think governments wouldn’t stop distribution if they really wanted to? Why do you think cigarettes are still in market, after being proven to be extremely harmful - tobacco isn't as bad as the 4700 chemical substances added to them. What happened to the old-un-tampered cigarettes?